To celebrate Opening Day on the Beaverkill is a little like observing Christmas in Bethlehem.”
— Red Smith, New York Times

The definitive history of "America's stream"

Ed Van Put, a meticulous researcher and lucid storyteller, lays out the history  of the Beaverkill, from its native inhabitants to the early colonial days to its rise as a prominent trout-fishing destination and into the present day. Whether you’re just discovering the magic of the Catskills, a beginning angler looking for an introduction to this revered stream, or a veteran interested in the stories behind the people and places associated with it, The Beaverkill: The History of a River and its People provides a compelling account of an important American landmark.

Learn about the river, Explore the trout flies connected to the stream, View the artwork and imagery from the book, Discover the revised and updated second edition, or Purchase a signed copy of the new hardcover edition. 

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About the Beaverkill

Learn about the famed Beaverkill River, including daily water flow charts, fly fishing information, famous pools, and more.


View illustrations and photography inspired by the river.