The Beaverkill (aka Beaver Kill) is the cradle of American fly fishing, and for many anglers it is the standard by which all other trout streams are judged. For centuries, anglers have made pilgrimages to this renowned Catskills river, casting local flies like the Hairwing Royal Coachman and the Gray Wulff into its cold, clean waters.

The river contains classic dry-fly water, with all the major surface-riding mayfly hatches, large and deep pools, lengthy riffles, and plenty of room to back cast. Perhaps more significantly, it has a long tradition of attracting some of the earliest and most prominent fly fishers, including writers, who chronicled the stream's history and spread its fame; artists from the Hudson River School who attempted to capture its beauty; and environmentalists, who pioneered conservation techniques that are now used to preserve trout streams around the world. Since the earliest days of American fly fishing, anglers have had a close relationship with the Beaverkill, visiting storied pools such as Barnhart's, Hendrickson's, and Cairns– just as their fly-fishing forebears did.

Geography of the Beaverkill River

2,760 ft (841 m)

42°1′47″N 74°32′32″W

East Branch, Delaware River

980 ft (299 m)

41°59′24″N 74°7′52″W

Elevation at Source:

Coordinates at Source:


Elevation at Mouth:

Coordinates at Mouth:

44 mi (71 km), NE-SW

300 sq mi (777 km2)

771 cu ft/s (22 m3/s)

62,400 cu ft/s (1,767 m3/s)



Discharge (avg):

Discharge (max):

Current Conditions


USGS Water-data graph for site 01420500

USGS Water-data graph for site 01420500

Daily and historical flow information and more can be found at the Beaverkill Cooks Falls, NY USGS site here

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Pools & Eddies of the Beaverkill

Coming soon - Maps of the pools of the Beaverkill. 

Cemetery Pool

Horton Bridge Pool

Acid Factory Pool

Barrel Pool

Chiloway Pool

Whirling Eddy

Pork Eddy

Covered Bridge Pool

Beaverkill Falls

Willich Pool


The Forks (Junction Pool)

Ferdon's Eddy

Barnhart's Pool

Hendrickson's Pool

Cairns Pool

Wagon Tracks

Schoolhouse Pool

Rubbing Mill Pool (Red Rose Pool)

Mountain & Lower Mountain Pool

Painter's Bend

Cooks Falls Pool

Hatching Chart


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Fly Fishing the Beaverkill - video by NYS DEC